Noodle and Boo is Available at Mint Baby & Kids!

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Celebrities have known for years the amazing benefits of the natural baby skin care line Noodle and Boo – and now you can find them at Mint Baby & Kids!  A luxurious line of health and beauty products, Noodle and Boo includes bath care, hair care, lotions, powders and more to ensure your baby is taken care of from every angle.  According to Noodle and Boo’s website, every product is “made in the USA with the finest ingredients and are safe and gentle enough to be used on newborns and during pregnancy.”  They make a fabulous gift for new moms and for baby showers.

Join the ranks of stars such as Jennifer Garner, Katie Holmes, Debra Messing, Kelly Ruthford – even the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge!

Fall Must-Have: The Knit Skirt!

Who can resist and easy knit skirt?  It’s one of the best ways to transition from summer to fall in a jiff.  Try them with a woven top then just add layers as the temperature goes down.  A denim jacket, cardigan or vest; tights; and cool boots add just the right touches for a great fall look!

You can find these looks and more at Mint Baby & Kids!

*New* Lemon Loves Lime Fancy Fall Tees

Lemon Loves Lime has done it again with a unique line of fabulous girls knit separates for Fall 2013!  Getting ready for school this year will be a blast as your little girl mixes and matches coordinating tops and bottoms for a variety of looks to suit her mood and style for the day.

Check out our gallery of different looks you can come up with just by pairing up different colored tops with different-colored bottoms – or pair the same colors together for a totally coordinated look! (All tops and bottoms available at Mint Baby and Kids in Houston’s fabulous Uptown Park except the blue skirt.)

We hand-picked our favorite embroidered long-sleeve tees in delicious colors for girls sizes 3 – 10.  She’ll love selecting from different themed tops: pretty ballerina, carousel seahorse, carousel horse, and musical mermaid. You’ll be excited by the high-quality cotton.


Keepsake Boxes for Old Traditions!

baby, kids, keepsake boxes, boys, girls, houston, mint baby, uptown park, kids boutique, baby store Yay for keeping traditions alive! One of our favorites is the Tooth Fairy and saving first cut locks of hair.  Don’t forget to make this a part of your baby and kids’ traditions by placing teeth and locks in colorful or elegant keepsake boxes. They make a WONDERFUL gift for any occasion, to help kids feel extra special during those special moments or as part of a gift basket that we can help you put together at Mint Baby in Houston’s Uptown Park!IMG_0596

The Pee-Pee Teepee – Must Have for Baby Boys!

Just what is the Pee-Pee Teepee? Exactly as it sounds! A little tent-like piece that helps keep your baby boy’s accidental splashes from going every which way.  What’s more, they aren’t boring – they come in a variety of styles (click through the gallery above to check out a sampling of just a few that we carry at Mint Baby in Houston’s Uptown Park).  Include it as a part of your nursery must-haves OR make it an interesting and amusing part of your next shower gift! We can help you put together the perfect gift baskets to fit any price range and focus at Mint Baby. Call or come in and see us!

Special Keepsake Gift: The Heirloom Hankie Bonnet

heirloom hankie bonnet, baby gift, girls, houston, mint baby, uptown park, kids boutique, baby store The Heirloom Hankie Bonnet is an amazing gift for the baby girl in your life.  Packaged with a beautiful poem explaining this gift, this piece can be worn as a bonnet as a baby then saved for her wedding day (or for his bride!) to commemorate yet ANOTHER special occasion to come!  Make it a part of a gift basket that we can put together for you at Mint Baby and Kids in Houston’s Uptown Park!Heirloom Hankie Bonnet

Great Baby Gift: Decorative Crosses

Decorative crosses make a beautiful gift for holy occasions as well as birthdays.  To make it even more special, you can have an engraved metal plate added to the back commemorating a special date or to provide a special message.  We can give you suggestions where you can or have it done for you and ready to pick up at the store.  We have a wide variety in different colors and messages, so be sure to come in and find one you love. Or call Ms. Norma at the store, and she’d be more than happy to send you a pic of ones you might like so you can have it ready when you come in.  Make it a part of a christening gift basket – we have a variety of other items that will complement the cross you choose well and that can fit any budget!

Cute Trumpette Tights for All Ages

You know Trumpette tights for their adorable socks for babies that look like little shoes.  Look no further than Mint Baby’s collection of tights for the older set!  They are fun to wear and are a cute addition to any little girl’s tights wardrobe.

Choose from a variety of styles and colors. Just give us a call or visit us at Mint Baby in Houston’s Uptown Park if you’d like to add this to a gift basket or help you find the perfect pair.

Special Necklaces for Special Occasions

A beautiful piece of jewelry is such a wonderful way to help the little celebrant for a baptism, christening or bris commemorate their special day.  What’s more, even if the child outgrows the chain, the charm can be worn for years to come or saved for their own little ones someday.

At Mint Baby we have a special collection of sterling silver charms and necklaces from renowned baby label Elegant Baby that are affordable and will suit any style.   Present it on its own or include it as a part of a gift basket that we can put together for you on any budget.  Call us or visit us at Mint Baby in Houston’s Uptown Park to learn more!

Finally – Elegant Baby Bracelets!

baby bracelets, girls, houston, mint baby, uptown park, kids boutique, baby storeWe know how hard it can be to find mini-ANYTHING, let alone adorable and elegant bracelets for babies and kids.  We have a selection of sterling silver bracelets in a great price range that make a wonderful keepsake, hand-me-down, and gift for any occasion.  Present it on its own or add it to a beautiful set of jewelry that includes a pair of earrings and a necklace.  Let us know how we can help you find the right one at Mint Baby in Houston’s Uptown Park!